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New Year's Food Suggestions

New Year's is right around the corner and we have everything you need to ring-in the New Year.Here are some of our top suggestions:Bloody Mary MixSalsa - Jalapeno PepperPickled Watermelon RindKraut Stuffed Banana PeppersCheese StrawsMulti-grain Flax CrackersHickory Smoked ProsciuttoWe wish everyone a very Happy & Healthy New Year!

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Virginia Gourmet Petite Country Ham - Information & Serving Suggestions

Virginia Gourmet Country Ham - The Prosciutto of the South!  Virginia Gourmet Petite Country HamVirginia Gourmet Country Ham Slices - Pre-sliced for your convenience. An 8oz package typically contains anywhere from 6-8 slices of country ham.Virginia Gourmet Petite Country Ham is no ordinary supermarket ham. It is Artisan quality, hickory smoked and dry cured the way the [...]

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Specialty Foods for Special People

Holiday time is when we get together with family & friends and share good times together.  Often, this is done over a delicious meal prepared with love.  What better way to show you care or your gratitude than by giving a gift of Virginia Gourmet specialty food.  All of our foods are made without additives [...]

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Apple Sauce Suggestions

Mrs. Bryant's Blueberry Apple Sauce is more than just apple sauce.No sugar added.Use as a substitute for jams & jellies.Mix with oatmeal or plain yogurt.Make a Blueberry Vinaigrette dressing - mix 1 part apple sauce with 2 parts wine vinegarUse in a smoothie.Use to glaze meats and seafood.Use as a reduction instead of wine.Pour over [...]

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Countdown to Thanksgiving Day

It's not too late to place your order to receive your items by Thanksgiving.  Orders placed by Sunday, November 22 will be shipped on Monday, November 23.  Celebrate the holiday "Virginia Style" with a Virginia Country Ham, Sweet Potato Rolls, Mrs. Bryant's Apple Sauces, and Brandy Peaches.  If you are visiting someone for the holiday, bring [...]

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A Fond Memory of Paul Prudhomme

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Prudhomme at the San Francisco Fancy Food show. Suffice it to say, it was a very enjoyable experience.  Paul greeted me as if I was an old friend.  Sharing the passion for cooking, we talked about Virginia Gourmet and the Mrs. Bryant's product line.  I shared with Paul [...]

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Flavorful Fall with Mrs. Bryant's Germany Spice

Some of the most delicious tastes of Fall are sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin pie. When you add a dash of Mrs. Bryant's Germany Spice Blend, you accent the flavors with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. YUM! The Germany spice blend does not contain sugar, so if you are counting your calories or trying [...]

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Chocolate Fettuccine - Recipe Ideas

Chocolate Fettuccine - What do you do with that?   Virginia Gourmet's Chocolate Fettuccine is a delicious twist to traditional pasta and makes a great gift.  The 6 pack allows you to save on shipping and gives you enough packages to gift. These pasta noodles are made with cocoa powder to give a chocolate taste to [...]

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Corporate Gifts

Google has joined the many celebrities, politicians, and corporations who have recognized the delicious quality of Virginia’s finest specialty foods, only available at MrsBryants.com and VirginiaGourmetFood.com. Virginia Gourmet has provided gifts to many high-profile individuals and companies such as the Kennedy family, Bruce Springsteen, Hollywood Television & Movie studios, and now Google.Every product sold at Virginia Gourmet is carefully screened [...]

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Mulling Spice Recipes

Fall has arrived and with it a crispness in the air and a craving for spiced cider and mulled wine.  Mrs. Bryant's England Mulling Spices are a delicious way to cut the sugar in your cider or spice up a cheap bottle of red wine. With Mrs. Bryant's England Mulling Spices, you can double your [...]

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