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Easy Dinner Suggestions

Easy Dinner Suggestions

Posted by Joy Bryant on Aug 11th 2016

Sometimes, it is hard to decide what to cook for dinner or maybe you just don't feel like cooking.  Virginia Gourmet has some wonderful solutions to this dilemma.  Here are our suggestions:

No Bull Veggie Burgers - Already pre-cooked.  Simply remove from the freezer and pop them into the microwave. Available in vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

Use Montana Gold's Garlic Knot Rolls to make an "adult" toasted cheese sandwich. Toast the garlic knot roll and top with a few slices of Gouda cheese.  Jazz it up with some fresh basil and tomato.

Toss our dry soup mix into the crock pot in the morning, dinner will be ready by the time you get home.  Our beans & lentils do not require soaking.  Add some of our vegan broth powder for extra flavor.

Virginia Gourmet brand pastas cook in 3 minutes.  Simply boil water, add the pasta, and in 3 minutes dinner is ready.  Each pasta is vegan and has excellent nutritional value.  Top with a little bit of olive oil or salsa.  Mrs. Bryant's Gluten Free pastas cook in 8-10 minutes and are very flavorful.