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Soup's On!

Soup's On!

Posted by Joy Bryant on Jan 5th 2016

The Winter weather has arrived - warm-up with a delicious hearty bowl of soup.  Mrs. Bryant's dry soup mixes make meals easy to prepare.  Simply add water, heat, and you're done!  No need to soak beans or lentils overnight.  Each soup is Vegan, Gluten Free, and low salt.  These soups can be eaten as-is or used as a base and simply add other vegetables, meats, and cheeses.  Each soup is seasoned with Mrs. Bryant's spice blend.  The soups freeze well.  We encourage you to make an entire pot and portion off servings to freeze for later.  Here are our recipe suggestions:

Moroccan Black Bean is seasoned with the Africa Spice blend. If you have any of the soup left-over, skim off the beans and add them to your tossed salads or puree them to make a delicious black bean dip.

Bombay Lentil is seasoned with the India Spice blend.  This delicious mild curry adds a burst of flavor without the heat of a traditional curry.  This soup mix pairs well with chicken and/or portobella mushrooms.

Mardi Gras Bean is seasoned with Louisiana Bourbon Peppercorns.  I like to add chicken to this soup, cook it in my crockpot all day, add some Jalapeno Pepper Relish, and serve with Monterey Jack Cheese and sour cream as a white chili.