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Kim Kim Korean Hot Sauce (2 Pack) - KimKim Foods

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All Natural Srircha style sauce.The tangy, spicy kick makes even the simplest meals unforgettable. From traditional bahn mi and noodle dishes to mac & cheese, scrambled eggs, fish and meats, Kim Kim's complex savory flavor strikes the perfect balance of big flavor and heat.

Product Features

All Natural, Healthy, Tasty, Vegan

Authentic Korean hot sauce delicacy

Winner of the Gold Specialty Food Award

Delicious taste and thick texture

Perfect balance of flavor & heat


Red pepper paste , corn syrup, red pepper seasoning, hot pepper powder, soybean paste, distilled alchol, water, salt, wheat extract, fermented soy seasoning, garlic juice, apple cider vinegar, sesame oil, sugar. Contains wheat & soy


Net weight: 16fl oz per bottle