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MeadowCroft (2 Pack) Sweet German Pickles - Authentic Old Fashioned like Grandma made - MeadowCroft Farm

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Some know them as the "14-day pickle." Made in a stone crock to get a flavor like no other pickle. "Just like Grandma used to make", these pickles bring back many memories of the special times around the holiday table. Try chopping and add to chicken, tuna or ham salad. Also great added to potato and egg salad. Excellent served with cheese.

  • All Natural,Vegetarian,Vegan, Deliciously Sweet
  • Aged in a stone crock - tastes like no other pickle
  • Known as the 14-day pickle - just like Grandma used to make
  • Bring back memories of special times around the holiday table & add to your relish tray
  • Excellent addition to tuna, chicken or ham salad, on sandwich, as snack

Net wt. 14 oz per jar

Ingredients:  Cucumbers, sugar, apple cider vinegar, mixed pickling spice, cinnamon sticks, salt