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Nuts - Praline Pecans (2 Pack) - Traditional Southern - Virginia Gourmet

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Voted best candy creation for 2011. These all natural, gluten free praline pecans are sure to satisfy. Use as a snack, add to salads, and use as a pecan crust on fish & meats. All freshly hand-baked using the finest Southern pecans.

  • All Natural, Gluten Free & Delicious
  • Voted the best candy creation for 2011.
  • Great for snacking, add to salads, add to ice cream
  • Great for baking
  • Use as a crust on fish & meats
  • All Hand-Baked using the finest Southern Pecans
  • Serve with beer & wine
  • Add to oatmeals, yogurts & apple sauce

Ingredients:  Pecans, egg whites, butter, sugar, vanilla

Net wt.:  4oz per jar