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Pasta (6 Pack - Vegan) Chipotle Fettuccine - Virginia Gourmet

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Freshly handmade and packaged in Virginia. These vegetable pastas taste exactly the way they look - not just colored. The vegetables are dried and ground into a powder and blended with the pasta mix to give that vegetable flavor you are looking for and cooks in only 3 minutes.

  • All Natural, Vegetarian, Vegan
  • Made with UnbleachedFlour, Chipotle & Red Bell Peppers & Water
  • Quick & easy to prepare
  • Made with real vegetables for true taste
  • No Fat, No Cholesterol, No salt added, High protein
  • Recipe suggestions included
  • Low sodium, low sugar, high protein

Ingredients: UnbleachedFlour, Chipotle & Red Bell Peppers & Water

Each Package 12oz - Serves 4-6