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Traditional Virginia Country Ham - Petite Size (3.0-3.9 lbs), Boneless, Fully Cooked/Cured - Virginia Gourmet

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We are currently out of stock and won't have any hams for sale until after the New Year. This year has been amazing. We doubled our sales and it still wasn't enough. Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to serving you again very soon.


Virginia Gourmet Petite Country Ham is no ordinary supermarket ham.  It is Artisan quality, salt cured the way the Colonists did at the time our country was founded.

You will find that this ham is different from your regular supermarket ham.

Country ham is a variety of cured ham, typically very salty. Country ham involves a method of dry curing done in the rural parts of the South. The ham is not injected with water so you get more ham for your money.

To thoroughly enjoy this ham, simply remove it from the wrapping, slice and eat.  No need to soak or cook further.  We recommend that you slice it paper-thin or shave thin, place the ham on a biscuit, and enjoy it with a little honey, chutney, preserves, or mustard.  You may also use the ham to flavor omelets, salads, pastas, soups, etc. If you want, you may gently heat the ham but it is not necessary.

Net wt. 3.0-3.9 pounds

Ingredients:  Pork cured with salt, sugar, sodium nitrate.